Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"It was the afternoon of extravagant delight"

I am suddenly awfully aware that for the first time others may read the words that stumble and stagger clumsily from my mind to the page.

Ill-fated, unfortunate words, I do feel sorry for them. If only they had been born into the mouth of Dylan Thomas, Leonard Cohen, Oscar Wilde or MGMT perhaps they would feel like they had a life purpose, like they had the ability to change lives and make people dance and be clever and witty and loved. The reality of course, is that like most completely ordinary words they will dedicate themselves to the 9-5 life of this blog. When they die, they will be forgotten. These words may have children that love and remember them, and perhaps grandchildren, but generally they will go unnoticed through their mundane, monotonous self-serving lives.

I suppose therefore, that while I never intended on giving this blog an introduction - a magical first post that will entice and delight and promise things I cannot deliver - I am pledging to my beloved word-friends that they will finally have the opportunity to get off the couch and dance. They will see the world! I am crossing my heart and poking my eye that I will book my fledgling, scruffy, baby bird words into ballet classes and piano classes and gymnastics and give them the head start in this world that they deserve. 

My ordinary words will do extraordinary things with their lives!

Word, brother.


  1. As a side note, the title of this blog, and the title of this post were inspired by the movie "Candy" (2006) - it's delicious. Check it.

  2. Do keep on writing this blog. Your words are gifts.